The Professional Career of Jon Paramore

When you ask Jon Paramore to talk about his past and how he got started, his initial reaction is to play it down as though his career and leadership of others is “no big deal.” However, looking at it closely and talking to him one on one, you will discover a strong leader that has seen a lot and learned even more. His influence on the people he has come in contact with is life long. In his humility, Jon always credits his failures for his success. He will also be the first to tell you that his amazing family and friends are a huge part of who he is.


Jon’s business career stretches over 13 years. For most of that time, Jon has owned, operated, bought/sold, and counseled over 10 national restoration companies. He has consulted companies on the brink to disaster and helped them realize their failing points which propelled them to profit once again. His entrepreneurial mind and spirit have always been the driving force behind any business he has been a part of.


In 2009, Jon suffered what he labels as his “great failure.” Jon admits his selfishness and inability to see beyond himself were the sole reasons his companies, and nearly his family, failed miserably. When asked about his story, Jon explains that had it not been for that failure, he would have never understood the true meaning of humility. Jon is extremely grateful for all of his struggles and credits God for them as a device to compel a newfound humility that allowed him to develop into a better leader, friend, husband and father.


Today, Jon Paramore has vowed to build a company whose sole mission is to serve others who have been through catastrophic storms. His core values of faith, family, and service not only pour out of him in his business life, but in his community as well. He believes that 2009 was the year that he truly found himself and since then, he has been looking for a company to pour his heart and soul into.


As the President and Managing Partner of BOLT Restoration, Jon believes he and his staff have an incredibly strong foundation from which to build upon. His vision is quickly becoming a reality and his leadership continues to blossom. With the vision of “seeking to serve” as its backbone, BOLT is an emerging leader in storm restoration.


For more information about Jon Paramore and to learn more about his leadership, please visit his website at

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